Hi there! I am so glad you are here! My website is still under construction so please be patient with me as I get resources and posts added.

To help you navigate the site, I am providing some search tips in hopes that you won’t get overwhelmed or frustrated when there is a large amount of information added. These resources are here to help you, not overwhelm you and I want your time here to be a enjoyable ?.



(1)  FREE PRINTABLES – I have created and will continue to create, free printable charts and lists to help you in your search. Use these to keep up with your research by writing down the information you find and placing them in your Homeschool Planning Binder if you have one.

(2)  SEARCH BARS – I have search bars located in two different places, one is at the very top of my website and one is on the right side under my Newsletter sign-up box. Use these to search for specific topics like Ancient History or Math. It will bring up every post and resource I have added under that topic.

One under my subscribe box on the right side of my website:

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 (3)  STAY FOCUSED! – If you came here looking for something specific, stay focused on that topic until you find what you are looking for. Then, once you are done, start browsing around at all the other available information. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed and feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything in the two hours you spent here ?.

(4)  CATEGORIES – Everything I add is filed under a category. On the right side of my page, you will find a Category Drop-Down box that you can use to search specific topics. Also, underneath every post title, you will see a word(s) beside the date, these are also category links. If you click these, they will show you every post I have added to that category.

Category drop-down box:

Category post links:

(5)  TAGS – Tags narrow down my topics even further than categories. There is a Tag Cloud at the very bottom of my website. Clicking on a tag name will bring up everything filed under it. Tags will also show you everything that has been posted to each grade.


(6)  SAVE THIS WEBSITE!! – and finally, bookmark this website in your browser, pin the images, however you can save it, just be sure to remember so that you can come back and search some more!

I have a free printable resource pack to help you get started with your search! These forms will help you keep track of the curriculum you need, your lesson planning, reading log and much more!

Curriculum Planning Resource Pack

All of my free printables are available in my Resource Library and available exclusively to my loyal subscribers. To access the resources, you can subscribe below. Once you are a confirmed subscriber, you will have access to all of my free resources available now and any that I create in the future.


I hope you enjoy visiting this website and find it easy to navigate. I am working very hard to add more resources every day so be sure to subscribe so you can stay updated when new things are added.

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