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Literature Curriculum and Study Guides for Homeschooling

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Literature Curriculum & Study Guides

Excellence in Literature: Reading & Writing Through the Classics –                      recommended grades 8 – 12 – this curriculum uses full length, classic texts to teach writing and literary analysis. Works selected are novels, short stories, drama and poetry. It also includes an optional Honors Track that includes additional, more advanced reading selections which helps to prepare students for AP and CLEP tests. Excellence in Literature is one of the cheaper programs available and has five books available, which start in 8th grade and finish in 12th grade.

Lighting Literature & Comp – recommended grades 7 – 12 – this curriculum uses full length, classic texts to teach writing and literary analysis. For the high school literature, each curriculum set is designed to be completed over a semester and are split by historical time period.

Read With the Best– recommended grades 7 – 12 – this literature curriculum uses the Norton Anthology books with one or two full text novel selections for each grade. It is a comprehensive course enabling students to be well prepared for several exams including the SAT, ACT, CLEP tests and AP Literature exams. It requires the use of a few other books, such as Writing With the Best Vol. II, Writing a Research Paper and The New American Heritage Dictionary and Thesaurus. These extra resources are used with all of the literature courses, so you purchase them once and use them throughout all of high school.

Beautiful Feet Books– these guides provide a literature-based, Charlotte Mason learning literature through history approach. Beautiful Feet Books offers many different guides, too many for me to list here, so I am providing one link that connects to all of them. The guides include Literature through Ancient History, Medieval History, American History, World History, Modern History, Geography, Science, Economics and many others.

Omnibus by Veritas Press – (recommended grades 7 – 12) Omnibus literature curriculum combines history, literature and theology by using the Great Books. Courses are available to take online, as a Self-Paced course or by purchasing the set to complete at home. This is an extensive and comprehensive curriculum with

** To view my individual book lists that coordinates with each historical time period, check out my Book Lists page **

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