Book List for Modern History

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This book list coordinates with the Modern History time period. It includes classic literature, The Great Books, listings from different genres, audios, videos, and much more!

The Great Books List for Modern History

Reading and selecting The Great Books can be a challenging process and one not to be taken lightly. I have a very detailed post about The Great Books of Classic Literature that can help you learn more about these works and their authors.

PARENTS! A word of caution — please read or review these books before handing them over to your child. Some of them have very mature content. You can read reviews from other people at Goodreads and Amazon

**Some of these links will provide you with an option for the kindle, audio, softcover, hardback, and used versions of the book. Whenever possible, I link to Amazon because it provides you with the most options and it’s usually the cheapest place to purchase.**



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